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  1. We have received 3 submissions that we can't plot on the map but we wanted to share anyways:

    1. first was from age 9 to 10 neighbour ahmed balbachi.
    my friends brother tried age 12 trevor gochee
    then my boss at age17 chris robinson
    then my boyfriend 18 billy joe mcintyre
    the last time was an epcor employee that came to my home after calling in about a power problem.
    the screaming on the inside never goes away, the instinct to fight is always first, the trust -it's been 21 years since the first time and i am still waiting ...... i would love to hate them but i want to know what it feels like to trust someone more.

    2.i was abused in numerous places. Around my school, in my home, and at his house. I didn't know what to do at the time, and I was not aware that it was abuse. I was coerced into it, against my permission. I protested numerous times, but it happened anyway.

    3.My ex-best friends boyfriend. I was 16.